Inpatient Mental Health Unit outbreak declared over

Sat, 01/13/2024 - 11:03

In consultation with Region of Waterloo Public Health, the COVID-19 outbreak in the Inpatient Mental Health Unit has been declared over - January 17, 2024.




In consultation with the Region of Waterloo Public Health, a COVID-19 outbreak has been declared in the Inpatient Mental health Unit (Wing A, level 3). A hospital outbreak is declared when two or more patients and/or staff test positive for an infectious illness that was acquired in hospital within a timeframe that is consistent with the epidemiology of the disease, and when there is a link between the cases.

At this time, the outbreak is limited to two patients (n=2). The outbreak may be declared over on January 17 if no new cases arise.

Staff working in the outbreak unit are required to have a negative rapid antigen test daily before work. This includes staff that have worked on the unit since the outbreak has been declared and are scheduled in another unit. 

The following precautions have been added to enhance safety:

  • Masks to be used by staff at all times while in the unit; face shields to be worn within two meters of patients.
  • All patients will be placed in airborne/droplet/contact precautions 
  • Enhanced surveillance by swabbing and testing non-infected patients every three days until the outbreak is declared over.
  • Enhanced cleaning, especially to high touch areas. 
  • Visitors are restricted to the unit. Virtual visits and phone connections for patients and families can be arranged.
  • Patient presenting with sign of illness must be reported to IPAC by phone. 
  • Signage has been posted at entrances

The number of outbreaks is increasing in hospital, congregate and long-term care settings. Visit the Region of Waterloo Public Health site to see all declared COVID outbreaks within the region. The safety and wellbeing of our staff, providers and patients is our top priority. Visitors are urged to stay home if feeling unwell. If coming to hospital, practice physical distancing, wear PPE and continue to practice hand hygiene for the safety of all.