Scope of Phase 3 of CMH’s Capital Redevelopment Project (CRP)         

Phase 3 of the CRP includes renovations to all five levels of Wing B comprising 156,260 square feet of space. When finished, this phase of the project will result in expanded Diagnostic Imaging and Laboratory Services, a renovated new patient care tower that will include three new nursing units: Medicine on Level 2 (34 beds); Rehabilitation Medicine on Level 3 (31 beds); and Surgery on Level 4 (35 beds); three new Endoscopy Suites and renovated/expanded Post Operative Recovery space and Same Day Surgery space, as well as minor renovations in the Medical Devices Reprocessing Department.

This phase of the project started in February of 2021 and will take approximately 48 months to complete.      


Community Benefits Associated with the Capital Redevelopment Project (CRP)


The CRP includes 14 component sections that were to be completed over three phases:

  • Ten (10) clinical, diagnostic and clinical support services areas
  • Two (2) administrative/support services (main entrance/lobby and retail services) areas
  • Medical education campus, to accommodate on-site requirements for the Waterloo-Wellington Regional Medical Education Campus of the McMaster University DeGroote School of Medicine
  • Basement space, for future growth and expansion

The service components addressed through the CRP include the clinical requirements as designated in the HSRC report (1999), plus service requirements as determined through the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care approved Master Program (2012) and Functional Program (2012).


Phase 3 in detail  

The CRP is currently in Phase 3 – the final phase of the project. Phase 3 includes the complete refurbishment of the Wing B patient care facility. The scope of the project comprises:

Enhanced Clinical Services Complete renovations to Levels 2, 3 and 4 of the patient care facility to accommodate three, state or the art nursing units and inpatient services that mirror the current layout and configuration that exists in Wing A:

  • Level 2 - Medicine – thirty-four (34) beds
  • Level 3 – Rehabilitation Medicine – thirty-one (31 beds)
  • Level 4 – Surgery – thirty-five (35) beds

Once finished, there will be 17 additional Rehabilitation Medicine beds and an additional seven surgical beds to address the continued growth in population and service requirements of Cambridge, North Dumfries and the Region of Waterloo. All inpatient beds will either be in single occupancy or semi-private rooms. Each unit will have a dedicated Airborne Infection Isolation Room (AIIR) so that clinicians are better equipped to care for patients with a range of infections, enhancing the safety of both patients and service providers.         

AIIRs allow CMH to manage the risk of transmission airborne of diseases.  These special rooms accommodate only one patient at a time and control the direction of airflow between the room and the corridor, to prevent the escape of air contaminated with infectious airborne particles into other areas of the hospital.  If there is no patient requiring airborne isolation, these rooms can be used as regular, private patient accommodation.   

A Real Time Locating System (RTLS) will be implemented to enhance the provision of clinical service delivery and to enhance staff safety. The system will establish controls and tools to:

  • prevent patients at risk from unplanned elopement thus avoiding risks related to falls or disorientation 
  • prevent infant abduction 
  • locate equipment critical to service delivery; and 
  • raise awareness about staff that are in a position of risk and in need of assistance 

Diagnostic Imaging – The Diagnostic Imaging Department will be completely renovated and expanded in size over four different project stages. It will also be constructed to contain a shelled space to accommodate a new Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) unit which will be installed following the completion of Phase 3. As part of this phased renovation of the department, there will be a significant renewal of diagnostic equipment which would include a new:

  • Computed Tomography (CT) unit;  
  • Two Digital Radiography units;  
  • Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography (Spect CT) unit;  
  • Gamma Camera;  
  • Fluoroscopy/Radiography unit.  

All the new equipment will permit the use of state of the art technology to enhance and expand the quality of diagnostic service offerings to the patients of Cambridge and its surrounding community.

Clinical Laboratory – Similar to the Diagnostic Imaging Department, the Clinical Laboratory (inclusive of the Core Laboratory, Pathology and Histology) will be completely renovated and expanded in size to meet the growing needs of the Hospital’s catchment population.

The Lab will be connected to the rest of the Hospital through an automated pneumatic tube distribution system. This will allow the prompt distribution of blood products and secured pharmaceuticals to clinical areas in Wing A, B and D and for the quick transportation and receipt of laboratory specimens from both the inpatient units, Emergency and the Medical Oncology Clinic. This system will enhance expedited processing and results reporting.

Ambulatory Surgical and Non-Invasive Service Delivery – The final component of the Operating Room renovation will occur in Phase 3. It will include the construction of three new Endoscopy Suites to provide esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) and colonoscopy, bronchoscopy, and flexible sigmoid procedures. One of the suites will also be lead lined to allow for the introduction of Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) activity which is dependent on both Endoscopy and Fluoroscopy equipment. This will greatly enhance CMH’s Liver Health program’s capacity and service offering to the community. In addition, there will be the construction of new and expanded Post Anesthetic Care space for patients undergoing procedures under general or regional anaesthetic that necessitate post-operative recovery as well as the creation of Day Surgery and Endoscopy post procedure recovery space.

The Endoscopy Suite is utilised by both Medical and Surgical Endoscopists. Procedures performed include gastroscopy, colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, esophagoscopy and bronchoscopy under either local or neuroleptic anaesthetic. Both scheduled outpatient and urgent inpatient endoscopies are performed. The Endoscopy Suite is open between 0730 and 1530 hours, Monday to Friday.  It is also available for urgent and emergent cases after hours and on weekends for pre and post procedure care utilising operating room call back resources as required.

Completed phases - Phase 1 and 2 of the projects were completed in November 2019 with the move into the brand new patient tower (A Wing) occurring in January 2020. Wing A contains 250,000 square feet of new space and is connected to the western end of Wing B. It has 97 beds and the following clinical services:

Level 1      Full capacity Emergency Department (ED) with 40 stretcher bays         
                 Birthing area (LBR) six (6) beds         
                 Six (6) general operating rooms, one (1) ophthalmology, one (1)     urology and one (1) C-section/delivery room  
Level 2      ICU with twelve (12) beds         
                 Medicine with thirty-four (34) beds (with telemetry)  
Level 3      Mental Health twenty-five (25) beds and an ambulatory Mental     
                 Heath Day Hospital  
Level 4      Paediatrics - eleven (11) beds     
                 Obstetrics - fifteen (15) beds         
                 Special Care Nursery –five (5) rooms, one (1) isolation and a six (6)    bay bassinet station      

Who is the Contractor?

In November 2020, Cambridge Memorial Hospital reached formal agreement with the Bank of Montreal (representing the lender’s consortium), Bondfield Construction Company, Zurich Insurance Company Ltd. and Ontario Infrastructure and Loans Corporation governing the Hospital construction project. The terms of the Minutes of Settlement (MoS) acknowledge that:

  • all the provisions under the Project Agreement and the Construction Contract to invoke the default remedies under the Project Agreement,
  • Construction Contract and Lending Agreements and Performance Bond have been met;
  • there is construction work (Phase 3) that is still to be completed on this project;
  • there is a need to retain a new contractor to complete this work,

The project will remain an Infrastructure Ontario governed Alternate Funds Program (AFP) project managed under the terms of the original Project Agreement and Construction Contract with minor negotiated modifications to how the remaining work will be completed and the terms that will govern their completion as identified in the MoS. As a result of this agreement, Zurich Insurance Company Ltd. has retained EllisDon Corporation to perform the remaining work related to Phase 3. This will be done in accordance of the original cost structure that was in place under the original Project Agreement.


Project Schedule and Project Update


Phase 3 is an extremely complicated construction project as the entire Wing B Tower will be renovated as the Hospital continues to provide healthcare services to its catchment population. As a result, the work will include numerous renovation stages that will span over a period of 48 months. This will result in excess of 20 decants of existing departments and/or service offerings to allow for construction to occur in a safe manner and then subsequent moves into permanent locations following renovation. Throughout all these changes, CMH will endeavour to ensure services are sustained with minimal interruptions or down time.

Currently, renovations are underway in the vacated old Operating Rooms to provide decant space for the relocation of the Endoscopy suites and Day Surgery and Endoscopy recovery space. This work will be completed towards the end of August and the decant of these units will occur at that time. In addition, the old Emergency Department is currently being renovated to accommodate the new CT Scanner and two General Radiography Suites. This work will be completed early in calendar year 2022. Renovations will also soon begin to renovate the nursing units on the third and fourth level of Wing C which will temporarily house the Medical and Surgical units while the Wing B tower is renovated.   
To view pictures of the work as it is unfolding, please click on the following link.


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