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Our Pharmacy utilises the latest technology to provide optimal distribution of medications throughout 

the hospital. These are provided and dispensed from automated medication cabinets. CMH's Pharmacy provides 

services to internal clinical programs only - it does not dispense medicine to the public.  



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Patients that are admitted to hospital or seeking medical treatment in an outpatient clinic can expect the following services from the Pharmacy team:


  • Patient medication education and counselling.
  • Drug information in response to your medication questions.
  • Personalised patient medication assessments for safety and effectiveness, and interaction with the health care team to optimise your medication therapy.
  • Personalised patient admission, transfer and discharge medication reconciliation (ensuring you are informed and on the most appropriate medications at key points in your transition in care).

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Cambridge Memorial Hospital’s inpatient pharmacy supports hospital clinical programs and provides services for residents of Cambridge, North Dumfries and surrounding areas.

Provided by more than 25 staff including pharmacists, technicians, a pharmacy buyer and clerical support, our pharmacists are paired with the hospital’s various clinical programs and are actively involved in direct patient care activities as members of  the care teams.  They also provide education and/or treatment services in the outpatient oncology program.

Our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are dedicated to ensuring safe, timely and effective drug therapy for all types of patient care.  Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are part of your healthcare team and work closely with you and other members of your team to ensure you get the best care possible.

All pharmacists and pharmacy technicians at CMH are licensed with the Ontario College of Pharmacists.

We believe in fostering the growth and knowledge of our staff through regular inservices, pharmacy newsletters and providing educational events. We offer mentorship/preceptorship for pharmacy and pharmacy technician students.

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