drone shot of the new wing a of Cambridge Memorial Hospital

You Are the Absolute Best 

A patient reached out with an email with the subject "You Are the Absolute Best" and shared the following experience:


"I was the patient of Dr. Kirk Roth and the procedures treated bladder cancer.


From the moment I entered CMH it was clear that I I experienced seamless care. From the welcome by volunteers to the intake at admissions to my CT scan, the surgeries, the recovery room time and my escort out of the hospital, your teams were caring, compassionate and courteous. Phone calls home were timely and most helpful in reducing the stress that accompanies all hospital visits.


I regret that my ‘hospital anxiety’ has not allowed me the decency of remembering all those who provided me with such great care but my family and I are so grateful for everyone and every thing that fantastic team has done for me. I am progressing well with my recovery and hope to stay clear of CMH for some time but there is great relief knowing the quality of care there is exceptional!


Thank you so much!"