Babies & Birthing: Pre-Registration & Prenatal

If you plan to deliver your baby at CMH, you must pre-register. You have two options to complete this:


  1. Your healthcare provider will have the pre-registration package available to you to fill in at their office. Once you have completed the pre-registration form, they will ax the form on your behalf to Cambridge Memorial Hospital at 519-740-4944.
  2. You may print out and fully fill out the pre-registration form. Once finished, fax your form to number 519-740-4944. 

What happens after we receive your pre-registration form?  The clerical team will register your chart so that you will be prepared for your visit when you arrive at Cambridge Memorial hospital. If any clarification is required on the information you have given, our clerical team will be in contact with you. 


What about my bed accommodation? You will fill your request and secondary information on the pre-registration form, if you have any concerns or questions please contact Patient Accounts at extension 2278. 

If you are or planning to become pregnant, here are some resources that you may find useful