Surgical Services: Acute Pain Service


The Acute Pain Service (APS) is managed by a Nurse Practitioner specializing in acute pain therapies and the Anesthesiology team.


The goal of the APS is to build a hospital-wide commitment to pain management for patients that are hospitalized. This is achieved by collaborating with all healthcare providers involved with the patient's care, as well as patients themselves, to create an individualized plan of care for pain management. This plan of care is supported with up-to-date clinical evidence on pain relief, reflecting best practice, the latest research and advancements in technology. 


A patient referred to APS is seen twice a day, and adjustments are made to their pain medications as needed. The APS is available 24 hours/day, 7 days a week, for consultations and referrals. An Anesthesiologist is always available in hospital. 


The APS offers a wide range of pain relieving options for patients. We can reduce the amount of opioids needed to achieve good pain control by combining pain management regimens By using different medications to reduce pain, side-effects caused by some pain medications can also be reduced while still achieving good pain control.


Having a hospital-wide commitment to pain management is an Accreditation Canada standard.


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