Surgical Services: Preparing for Surgery - Pre-Op Clinics


At the Pre-op Clinic you will go over your medical history with a Registered Nurse, have tests done 

and get your questions answered. Surgeons schedule these visits and not all patients that 

have surgery are asked to attend the Pre-op Clinic. 


If you are schedule for a Pre-Op clinic, plan to arrive one hour before your appointment so that you can be registered by the Registration Clerk


Portrait of a woman with cancer and her doctor

At the Pre-op Clinic you will meet with a Registered Nurse who will go over your medical history, arrange for you to have any x-rays and bloodwork done as ordered by your surgeon or anesthesiologist, and also answer any questions you may have about your surgery and your hospital stay. This visit may take a a few hours  to complete. 


If your surgeon recommends it, you may also meet with an anesthesiologist for anesthesia assessment or an Internal Medicine Consult several days prior to your surgery. It is important to us that you feel comfortable about your surgical experience and we are happy to answer all of your questions.


Not all patients who come for surgery are asked to attend the Pre-op Clinic. Your surgeon will make that decision based on your medical history and the type of surgery planned. Children who are booked for surgery also receive pre-op teaching or Pediatrics [link to Children's Care (Paeds)

Please bring the following to your appointment

  • Health Card 
  • Forms that your Surgeon has given to you – you will need them.
  • Medications in their original packaging and a complete medication list from your pharmacy.
  • Personal assistive devices that you require for your appointment. For example, any communication or mobility device you many need like a walker, hearing aid, etc.

If you require assistance with language translation, please arrange to have someone attend the appointment with you or let us know in advance. 


CMH has a no scent policy. Please do not use scented products before your appointment, including perfumes, scented soaps and other products that are scented. 

Surgeons' offices will book the appointment on your behalf. Not all patients that are scheduled for surgery are asked to attend this clinic.


Hospital staff will try to arrange appointment so that each patient coming in for surgery only need to come to the hospital once for all the pre-op interviews and testing. This, however, takes time so please be prepared to be with us for a few hours. 


If you need to change the date or time of your Pre-Op Clinic appointment visit, call us at 519.621.2333 ext. 2500 to speak with a clerk or leave a message.

Once you had your x-rays and bloodwork, you may be given instructions by your surgeon on how to prepare for your surgery. Doing the following can help promote a good surgical experience when it is time for your surgery: 



Call your surgeon if your health changes or if you develop a cold or any other illness in the week before your surgery.


Food and Drink 

Do not eat anything after midnight the night before surgery. Between midnight and 4 hours before your surgery you may drink 8 oz of clear fluid (i.e. water, apple juice, clear tea or black coffee). Absolutely no eating, drinking, sucking on candy or chewing gum should take place during the 4 hours before your surgery.



On the morning of your surgery, take the medications as listed on the information sheet given to you by your surgeon. You may take a sip of water with the medication.



Smoking is not legally permitted on hospital property. 


Reducing your smoking and vaping before your surgery is very important. Smoking increases anaesthetic difficulties and breathing problems. Consider using some smoking cessation strategies to decrease your your smoking as soon as you are booked for surgery.