Surgical Services: Types of Surgeries


Cambridge Memorial Hospital offers a wide range of surgical options performed by 

highly skilled physicians and staff. Elective surgeries are normally scheduled 

Monday though Friday from 0800 - 1630h (8:00 am to 3:30 pm). 


Urgent and emergency surgeries are performed as required, at any time of the day or night, depending on the needs of the patient.


See below for some of the operations that are performed at CMH. 


Portrait of a woman with cancer and her doctor

General surgeons perform a wide range of surgeries. Most general surgeries are done using laparoscopes. This minimally invasive procedure uses a very thin telescopic camera and surgical tools to access the abdomen and pelvis. The incisions are very small, which means faster recovery and less pain for many patients. Most gall bladder removals are performed using this method. Some other common surgeries performed include hernia repairs and bowel surgery.

Dental surgeons perform surgery on the mouth and/or teeth. Some of the more common procedures they  perform include: removal of multiple teeth, jaw bone re-alignment and repairing jaw fractures.

These specialists perform a variety of surgeries on the ear, nose and throat of both adults and children. Some of the more common procedures are: removal of tonsils and adenoids, placement of tubes in children’s ears, nasal endoscopic (nose) and sinus surgeries.

Gynecology specialists perform surgeries such as hysterectomies, endometrial ablations, operative laparoscopy and tubal sterilizations. These surgeons also perform obstetrical procedures like Caesarian Sections (C-sections)..

Ophthalmic surgeries involve the eyes and surrounding tissues. Some examples of surgeries performed by these specialists include the removal of cataracts, procedures for glaucoma and eye surgery for children.

Orthopedic surgery involves joints, bones and the tissues that connect them. Our orthopedic surgeons routinely perform total joint replacements such as hips, knees, and shoulders. Many other procedures are performed arthroscopically – using a telescope to look into the joint, which can result faster recovery times for many patients.

Urology surgery involves the bladder and kidneys. Examples of some of the procedures that the urologist may perform include: examining the bladder using a scope, and removal of kidney stones.

Plastic surgeries performed include skin cancer surgery, hand surgery, breast reduction, breast reconstruction and cosmetic surgery.