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To learn more about the policies that govern expenses, please click on the Broader Public Sector Accountability link below. 

Patrick Gaskin - President & CEO

  • Base Compensation - $285,000
  • Compensation at Risk: Up to 20%
  • Executive benefit allowance: $5,000
  • Severance: 12 months' salary, plus one month for every year worked to a maximum of 18 months
  • Professional development and professional memberships: $17,000; includes up to 3 professional memberships
  • Prerequisite: none
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Dr. Winnie Lee - Chief of Staff


  • Please call Stephanie Fitzgerald at 519-621-2333, extension 2350 for details related to Dr. Lee's remuneration  

Trevor Clark - Vice-President, Finance & Corporate Services & Chief Financial Officer  

  • Please call Stephanie Fitzgerald at 519 621 2333 at extension 2350 for details related to Trevor Clark's remuneration.  

Stephanie Pearsall - Vice-President, Clinical Programs & Chief Nursing Officer  

  • Please call Stephanie Fitzgerald at 519 621 2333 at extension 2350 for details related to Stephanie Pearsall's remuneration.  


Base Compensation - Compensation is determined by the board through a benchmarking review  
Compensation at Risk - Each year, an amount of at risk compensation is paid based on achieving defined goals and objectives  
Executive benefit allowance - An annual benefit allowance is provided and is allocated to items such as extended health care, dental, medical and paramedical services  
Severance - Severance is only provided upon termination to mitigate financial loss until another position can be found. There is no voluntary resignation allowance or retirement allowance provided  
Parking - Parking is charged to the senior leader  
Prerequisite: CMH complies with the Government of Ontario, Broader Public Sector (BPS) Perquisite Directive (issued by Management Board of Cabinet, dated August 2, 2011). As such, CMH does not permit perquisites unless they are a business requirement and comply with the appropriate authorization described in this policy.

  • 2022 - no reports
  • 2021 - no reports
  • 2020 - no reports
  • 2019 - no reports

For previously reported periods please contact the office of the CEO.


Executive Team

  • Patrick Gaskin, President & CEO
  • Dr. Winnie Lee, Chief of Staff
  • Stephanie Pearsall, Vice President of Clinical Programs & Chief Nursing Executive
  • Trevor Clark, VP - Finance, Corporate Services & Chief Financial Officer
  • Mari Iromoto, Senior Director - Strategy, Performance, Chief Information Officer

On September 6, 2016, the government filed Regulation 304/16 (Executive Compensation Framework) (“Regulation”) under the Broader Public Sector Executive Compensation Act, 2014. This Regulation sets out the process for determining the maximum amount of salary and performance pay that will be available for designated executives of designated employers, including public hospitals, as well as other parameters regarding other elements of the executives’ compensation. The Regulation also sets out requirements for written executive compensation programs to be developed by each employer. Click here to view Regulation 304/16.


CMH's executive compensation framework

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care approved CMH's executive compensation framework in a letter date on April 17, 2018. Click to review Cambridge Memorial Hospital's (CMH) executive compensation framework.

Cambridge Memorial Hospital receives funding from the Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network (WWLHIN). The opinions expressed in this publication do not necessarily represent the views of the WWLHIN.


Caring for Cambridge and Community

This past year has been highlighted by forward-thinking initiatives, real progress towards the development of a new hospital and recognition of excellence for our people and our programs. When making decisions, we are guided by our values of caring, respect, innovation, collaboration and accountability. Rearrange these words and you get a powerful acronym that is apropos to what we do and believe in: CCAIR. We do CCAIR and strive to be exceptional for the communities of Cambridge, North Dumfries and the Region of Waterloo.


Below are some of our more recent community reports that include simplified versions of financial statements found in this section. If you wish to see reports from previous years, please send your request to


Annual Community Reports