Access your Medical Images On-line


Access your medical imaging records online with PocketHealth! 
We are proud to offer our patients the ability to access, store, and share their medical imaging records using PocketHealth! Instead of having to pick up and carry around a CD, PocketHealth allows you to: 

  • Instantly access your imaging records anytime, on any device
  • Share your imaging in full diagnostic quality with your physician or specialist
  • Permanently and safely store your records - strong privacy and encryption protocols keep your medical information as secure as your banking information

How to get PocketHealth 
(As of Feb.22, 2023) 

Register online at 
There is a fee at the time of enrolment which includes permanent access to all previous 
imaging as well as any new exams. PocketHealth has two membership options: Flex 
($10/month, cancel anytime) and Unlimited ($49/year). Both plans give you: 
✓ Unlimited imaging record requests from any of the 600+ PocketHealth-connected hospitals and clinics including Cambridge Memorial Hospital. 
✓ Up to 4 additional profiles to manage all imaging records, all in one place. 
✓ Lifetime permanent storage for all imaging records. 
✓ Ability to cancel anytime and continue to access and share your existing imaging records, from any device, without incurring any additional charges. 
Plus, with Unlimited you can securely store and share any past imaging from CDs and any health records, including lab results, prescriptions and vaccine receipts.

Go to to learn more.